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Fuzion’s Luxe business cards from Moo Printing were a huge hit with potential clients at Toy Fair this past week. We love the triple thickness, matte finish and print quality of our Luxe business cards. The pop of blue within the layers of paper is perfect. Moo uses Mohawk Superfine paper which is beautiful and emulates quality.


When Fuzion went through a rebrand about a year and a half ago, we knew we wanted a different, memorable card to stand out when you hand it to a colleague, friend or client. We looked into die cuts, embossing & debossing, foil stamping… all were much too expensive and out of our budget. Happily, we stumbled across Moo, who is very affordable and right in our backyard!

Moo offers a variety of unique business cards as well as quality “classic” cards. When we realized we needed extra cards in a panic last week before Toy Fair, we discovered that Moo offers next day printing! To our advantage, since they are located in East Providence we had them the day after ordering them, just in time before leaving for Toy Fair. The classic cards in matte finish, also utilize a heavy weight “silky” paper and great print quality.

We had a slight hiccup in our printing process, where the backs were printed upside down. The customer service was wonderful. They calmed our worries about not having any extra cards for the show, and reassured us that they would fix the problem right away and have to us on time.

We also love and appreciate the extra step Moo takes in packaging the cards. They provide business card holders with cute ribbon and stickers, that just automatically put a smile on your face and really hype up the excitement of unveiling your cards. In their collateral, they interject charismatic and personable sayings where they can like little “Yay” seals or a wrap on the card holder saying, “Quick, schedule a meeting! Your business cards have arrived!”. Their happy-go-luck brand is clearly translated throughout the whole process.


On a side note, be sure to visit their blog. It has some great articles about start-up companies and their success, networking events and great inspiration.

If you are looking for Business Cards, Postcards, or even stickers… we highly recommend Moo Printing. Their website is extremely easy to navigate and use and also has a great, clean aesthetic to it.

Go get yourself some Moo business cards now!

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Fuzion Works Happy with Poppin Products


Does this never ending winter have you feeling blue? Check out Poppin’s colorful office supplies. We are loving our aqua starter set!

Poppin approaches everyday office necessities with a clean, yet playful sensibility. The simplistic design of their products really “pop” and come to life in the palette of exciting colors available.

Not only is their product line awesome, we love love love the packaging! Again with a clean and playful approach, they use monochromatic simple vector shapes of the product and bright blocks of color against white backgrounds. And who doesn’t love the light-hearted, warm type face Omnes for the product titles. Each product has a playful tagline tying in the Poppin brand (our favorite, “the indispensable” Tape Dispenser). The matte finish paper choice is the icing on the cake. Well played, Poppin.

To top it all off, about a month after we received our Poppin treats, we got a personalize hand written note thanking us for the purchase. Visit to brighten up your desk!


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Fuzion Design is headed to Toy Fair

Toy Fair Blog

We are all packed up for tomorrow’s journey to New York City to set up our booth for this years Toy Fair! Fuzion will be showcasing our capabilities in product design, engineering and graphic design. We are bringing our best work in product, packaging, branding, collateral and so much more. Be sure to stop by booth #4418 to meet some of our Fuzion team, see our work and say hello!

Want more info, check out the Toy Fair 2014 site here:

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Fuzion’s Safety 1st new packaging line look hits shelf!

We are excited to share the launch of a new line look for Safety 1st’s Juvenile Products that is now in-store. Dorel Juvenile Group (owners of the Safety 1st brand) approached the Fuzion Design graphics team to help rebrand their packaging to feel more contemporary, fresh and updated.


Although Safety 1st is already one of the leaders in children’s juvenile products, they needed a new packaging look to not only reflect their main messaging – “a safer and happier place for our cherished little ones to grow up in” as well as fit their new product look – much cleaner, simpler and contemporary. The challenge for us was to create a new look, but still tie in the legacy and brand loyalty they have acquired for over 25 years.

S1_PKG Rendering_small

The Design team at Fuzion headed to Babies R Us, Target and Walmart to research the competitor packaging and to see what designs were working on self. We looked at the clean packaging of Oxo and Mama’s & Papas as well as the impactful packaging of 4Moms (the product photography paired with bold coloring is beautiful), Fisher Price (a new look by Duffy and Partners, we love it!) and Boon (their lifestyles make our hearts melt).


Fuzion utilized several elements to ensure brand recognition, for example the iconic Safety 1st diamond and the cheery teal and yellow colors. We used engaging, fun lifestyles to capture consumers and bring light to products that are not so “fun” (for example, the Potty). Fuzion assisted in choosing models, wardrobe and overall directing of the photoshoot for the Custom Care Tub packaging to ensure the feel of our packaging direction would be translated into the lifestyle and product shots. By utilizing an icon system we created to help parents easily find what they need, we were able to keep the packaging very clean and minimize the use of insets. With a less is more mantra, Fuzion also helped write and trim copy where needed to help drive home the product features with a quick and easy read.


The Safety 1st line is available at Babies R Us, check local stores near you!

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Back to the Basics

We have had the opportunity to work with such talented designers throughout the course of our careers. There are so many designers we’ve worked with in the past that continue to push the envelope with their innovation and design expertise.

In the last twenty five years alone, design has gone from  pencil and paper to a totally digital world.  

So when we see work  that brings design back to the basics,we tip our hats and  have the utmost appreciation for it.

Recently, we got a taste of a former colleague, Guy Cassaday’s design work that does just that—brings design back to the basics. Guy is an incredible talent, whose had an extensive and diverse career in product design and illustration. After receiving his degree from the Art Center of Design, graduating with a B.S. in Transportation Design,Guy took his talents to the corporate toy industry. Working for some big names, Cassaday has contributed to some of our generation’s most memorable automotive toy products. Tonka Mighty Dump Truck sound familiar? Ya, that was Guy.  Besides having the job of every young boy’s dreams–designing monster trucks and GI Joe vehicles, Guy decided to turn in his corporate keys and began working as a freelance designer. His  freelance career was what inspired him to go back to the basics with his automotive art.

Guy decided to take his method of design it back to “the drawing board.”—markers and chalk.   His old school renderings of iconic automobiles is among our favorite pieces of his work. No technology buffer, just pure talent.


Guy was recently acknowledged by the director of the 2013 Rhode Island’s Home Show Convention, and asked to exhibit his automotive illustrations at the upcoming show. Here’s a sample of some of Guy’s artwork that are expected to be on display for the April 4-7th  RI Home Show. If you’re in the area, make sure you stop by and check out the rest of Guy’s art work. Don’t forget Father’s Day is right around the corner, and what dad wouldn’t love a customized rendering of their most prized possession? Contact Guy Cassaday 

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